The Pursuit of Fame, Fire, or Famine (what should I do with my life?)

The more I learn about the world the more confused I get. I remember looking up at people in their mid-twenties when I was 10 or so and thinking: “these people have it figured out”.  Now at the age of 28, and assessing what I have figured out, I humbly admit the answer is “very […]

Our Meaningless Lives

I was lucky to grow up with a mom that was…how do I say this…well, different. From the music she listened to, her fascination with testing her financial limitations, to the car she drove, she was different from any of the other moms I knew. She had an unwavering curiosity and sometimes a mild depression […]

The Problem with Problem Solving

The formula is simple; identify an everyday life “problem” that impacts a large number of people.  Next step, create a product or service that solves the problem and deliver the solution (your product or service) to the people who have the problem.  This is entrepreneurship.  This is the formula that I was taught while starting […]

Prayer, Voice, Solution, Understanding

  When I got the news yesterday, I reacted like  everyone else.  I was overwhelmed with sadness, anger, but most of all, a numbing feeling of “what the fuck!”. I wanted to speak out, to do something, but given my emotional state, I didn’t join the discussion, as nothing productive would have came from it.  […]

Post Election Questioning, A Need for Transformation?

  The elections have now come and gone.  Our news feeds are now back to normal, broadcasting the latest in marriage proposal news, Instagram dinner pics, and all else in between.  I assume that never before has the US public been inundated with the incredible volume of media (both mass media and user generated) related […]

Confessions of a Semi-Intelligent Person and the Power of Awareness, Heuristics and Leadership

  Have you ever heard that us human beings only use 10% of our brains?  Well that statement is actually  untrue…it’s an urban myth, and the very existence of the myth points to out our collective mental laziness.  Until a few weeks ago I actually believed the statement was true which might tell you something (yes […]

The Spark: Do Social Entrepreneurs Need a TOMs-like Story?

Stories sell. A good story can pull heart strings, raise money, even sell millions of canvas shoes.  Stories have become the ultimate form of currency for the social entrepreneur, even more so than impact numbers, team, or traction in some cases.  This begs a few questions for every social entrepreneur: “What’s my story?” “How do I tell […]

The Next Chapter: Massive Change with

The last two and a half years of my life started with one bizarre interaction.  An older gentleman walked into the office I was working at at the time and sat down across from me, a desk creating about 7 feet of distance between the two of us.  He reached into a manila folder pulled out a piece of paper.  He […]

How Tech Startups Can Avoid Building Too Much Too Soon (Forbes Guest Post)

I miss writing…alot!  So much so that in desperation to get something out there, I decided to post something that I wrote a few months back.  So here it is.  It was posted on Forbes a few weeks back, now on my personal blog…hope it adds value to your work ____ Most companies fail not […]

Startup Vision Validation

Building a startup is sexy.  The front-end developer with skinny jeans and hipster swag is the new version of a Scotch drinking Ad Man. And this is all good…believe me I love to rock the fake nerd glasses just like the next SoMa hacker, but there is an issues that often arises along side new trends.  Trends […]

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