Simplifying Leadership

Here are some spontaneous thoughts I had leadership and wrote in my note book.  Here they are transcribed and polished (not much) for the blog.

Leadership needs to be different…now more than ever.  Many people realize this, many have stated this, some say our world is not working effectively therefore we need to lead differently.  I personally believe that leadership needs to be simplified.  Simplified to a level where ever single person on this earth considers themselves to be leaders.  Leadership as related to a group should be treated as marketing as related to a company…all encompassing.  Everything a company does creates a reflection of that company; therefore each action can be considered a form of marketing…good or bad.  Leadership should be treated the same way: every specific action a member of a group makes is a form of leadership…good or bad.  Ever decision made by one person has an impact the whole…from the top to the bottom of the group.  If we consider this we are far more likely to be more aware of the actions we take and the decisions we make.  We can step into the shoes of our groups and see how we affect them…their happiness, fulfillment, productivity, creativity and all else.

Leadership starts with accountability and it ends with it too.  It is created with questions like:

“What does my teammate need that will make a difference?”

…”How do my actions impact the team?”

…”How am I perceived?”

…”How can we all align under one strong vision?”

Leadership should be simple…be aware, be yourself, hold yourself accountable, and occupy the space of others.


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