Don’t Know Where To Start? Just Start

Over the past couple months I have been keeping close tabs on my actions and the actions of others.  Since I am committed to creating incredible results in all I do, I thought investigating these actions would be a great place to start.

To create results, action is required.  Simple, yes, but there is an important distinction to make of this.  Without any marketing research you can conclude that about 99% of people want great results in their lives.  However many people don’t do what it takes to get those results.  The natural question to raise is “what stops people from getting the results they desire?”.

The responses you will get from people and the true answer to that question are typically two different answers entirely.

The response you will typically get is: “I don’t know where to start” or “I simply don’t know what it takes to get the results I want”.

However, the “true” answer to the question of “what stops them?” is lack of action

The fact of the matter is no one knows where to start, no one starts out with adequate knowledge on how to get the results they desire.  Even funnier is that too much knowledge often stagnates people (ask an academicJ).

Saying we lack enough knowledge to produce results is a cop out the vast majority of the times (future doctors please stop reading).  We all do it…some more often than others.  When we do this we fail to recognize how overrated preparedness can be and how underrated constant action is.

Actions generate possibilities.  When we send an email, “like” a Facebook status, make a cold phone call we are generating an infinite amount of possibilities, most of which we are unaware of.  We may not understand the “best course” of action in these cases most likely because there isn’t one.  Sending out that email can ignite a spark of inspiration in the person who reads it and thus creates a new chain of possibilities and further actions.  We can all think of at least one time where some nearly unconscious action led to a new job, a date, the apartment in the perfect neighborhood.  We often fail to give credit to the series of actions that got us there; instead we just believe it just happened by chance.  These cases are not by chance or serendipity…they are created by an accumulation of actions.

So when it’s all said and done, there are two people in this world:

…those who don’t act and those who do…

I don’t buy into our societies need to separate, decouple and create opposites.  However in this case it’s hard to argue against.

You may waiver between sides…but during every single moment you are either one or the other.  Most likely 80% of the time you are hovering on one side of the equation.

The good thing is that we are not fixed as one way or another.  We can change instantly.  I have been a person who does and have been a person that doesn’t…so I know from experience.

I have observed that the people that “do”, do two things exceptionally well:

They act in spite of fear and they constantly indulge in curiosity.  They are constantly in action; they gain momentum on top of momentum.  And when the momentum appears to stop, they find a way to build it up again.

They are the ones that post about 5 Facebook updates in one day sharing their experiences with the world, then won’t post for an entire week because they are writing an ebook while traveling on top of elephants in Thailand.  They are the ones that send audacious emails to VC’s despite not having an “in” at the firm.  They are the ones that have a deep interest for people, their work and their play.  Their curiosity leads them to learn and experience more than ordinary people (and post it to Facebook).

These are the people that get results by constantly being in motion and allowing their awareness and instincts to guide them.

In conclusion…ACT!  Simple as that!  If you don’t know how to start, don’t worry, no one does.  Be aware of how powerful one action can be, and the momentum that can build from it.  Don’t fear not knowing, that is always going to exist.  Instead act in the face of fear and see yourself develop a natural curiosity for what you do!

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