The Misguided Media…Will Social Media Cave In?

bad tv

Walking through the mall over the weekend I ran into a conspicuous print advertisement of a soon to be brand new Show coming to TV this summer.  The print ad naturally snatched my eyes from the walk way ahead as it showcased shinny skinned, 25 year old girls, in short catholic school mini skirts, swagged out (like hips pointed in all types of directions swagger).  First thing that came to mind isn’t fit for my blog, but the second thing is “why is this in a mall?”.  Girls wearing barely nothing placed at a mall with families and impressionable  young girls didn’t sit well with me.  I can just see my future 7 year daughter (wayyyy future) tugging on my arm asking me to take her to Forever 21 so she can look just like the orange one (the crispy tan girl).  What was even more disheartening was after looked a bit closer I read “Coming to ABC Family this summer: Pretty Little Liars“.

I don’t watch ABC Family but I am savvy enough to know that this channel is for the American family.  I am sure mom and dad are comforted by the fact that their children watch “ABC Family” instead of Spike.  However, I feel like it’s safe to bet that parents will prefer their kids leaning about the greatest warriors in history rather then about promiscuity, deceit and what Paris Hilton showed to the camera this weekend.

Who is responsible for these misguided values and destructive priorities?

Is it the media moguls as they are the final say in what gets pushed out to the masses?  It does seem like their agenda is dictated by nothing else but the dollar sign.

Or is it our fault for casting our “vote” and handing our money over to the networks asking for more of the same garbage?

Who is responsible is only secondary.

Instead, the pressing issue is how freakishly awful the content is that the majority consumes.  What does it say about our priorities as a society if we would rather watch Jersey Shore than spend quality time with the people we love? (I have feel victim to Jersey Shore my fair share of times).

The answer to the “secondary” questions is that we are all responsible!  With the democratization of media happening right in front of us…we all have a say!

Social Media is different?…

In the upcoming year we will truly see who is responsible.  Why?  Because with emergence of social media becoming a preferred broadcasting center for businesses, politicians, large organizations and individuals alike…the “good” rises to the top.

Now more than ever can the general public: publish, vote on, comment on, rate, alter, augment the content on the web.  Not only can they affect the media but the masses are doing it more and more each day.

The voice of the people is now undeniable and to a certain extent uncensored.

Years from now if my future daughter watches Pretty Little Liars, I have no one else to blame but everyone!

What are your thoughts on the impact of media on our actions, values and priorities as a society?  How can we do better than this?

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