It’s Good to Follow…Just Follow Those Who “Get It”


There is alot of noise these days.  Probably more than ever. The good thing is that filtering the noise is actually possible.  In the conversation age you have a choice of what you consume.  With choices comes decisions…asking yourself “what do I read”, “who do I become friends” with “what business opportunities I pursue”.

While chatting with Shane Mac the other week, he made a point to say he follows those who “get it”.  I mean we only have some much information we can consume, so many people we can stay in contact with (148 to be exact), we must discriminate some how for the mere fact that our time is finite.  So why not discriminate based on “who gets it”.

If someone “gets it”, then they have an understanding of who they are, what moves them, what their goals are.  They have reached a level of mental clarity beyond the norm.  These people or sources have genuine value to add to the world and a perceptive that differentiates them from the “normalized” majority.

So when you are choosing who or what to follow…keep the filtering process simple.  Don’t judge based on popularity or blind reciprocity, instead make sure they “get it” and just as importantly, that their followers “get it”.

If they leave you feeling awakened and slightly confused, you are heading down the right path.

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I think its important to follow people that “get it” to your personal interest. Yes, there is a lot of “noise” out there but if you apply the concepts that intrigue you and make them your own you add elements to yourself that help you grow as an individual. Thats some great advice from Shane Mac.


This is exactly how I feel. Just a year ago, I didn’t “get it” (I was 14, duh) and when I finally got it, I noticed that I became a much happier person. I recommend that anyone who didn’t get it yet, please spend quite a bit of time trying to get it and I promise, when you do, you will live a much more fuller life.

If only I could filter out kids in school.


Haha…(filter out kids at school)…anyone who is taking the taking an “alternate route” in life will encounter plenty of people that can hinder your progress. One other great indicator to know you “get it” is to be able to block out that noise and stay the course. To take it one step further… to help those individuals see from your perceptive makes you a leader. Try not to battle the status quo…help them (much easier said than done)

I agree. We only have so much time. I just wrote about something similar, called “Riding Rocketships For Great Success”…… we need to identify the rocketships and not the duds who just talk.


I’m loving that post title. What’s you’re Rocket Ship filter…something like Google PR or just trail and error?

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