A Journey of Uncertainty is Certain

jumping off

Last Wednesday:  I Left my job at a social media agency.

Today:  I write my own paychecks (assuming that I can)

And I feel more alive then ever.

There is something thrilling about uncertainty.  Ask my two partners at ConvoSpark and myself about it.  We are now moving full force into a dualistic world of well known work (social media marketing) followed by the unknown self-employment arena.  An uncertain future is sparking an invigorating present.

Not knowing if I can pay rent or buy food makes me hustle harder, conjure up some deep seeded creative juices and value my clients more.   Sometimes you have to make yourself uncomfortable to grow…and now is the time break through the threshold.

Becoming a full time entrepreneur is a whole different ball game than the part time gig.  Of course, entrepreneurship is a state of mind therefore being a full timer doesn’t entitle you to a state of superiority.  However, it does pose a whole new set of circumstances that you have to take into account.

Making a living

You know when people ask you “How do you make a living?”.  Typically, you reluctantly give them a templated version of your day to day.  Nowadays, I can literally say: “anything”.  To most that may sound snarky or overtly existential…however, today, I do “anything” I can (within the confines of the law and the positioning of our business) to make a living.  It’s kinda fun to respond to that question by saying…”anything I want”.

More time=Different time management

When you are an entrepreneur that works a 9 to 5 you also have a 8 to 1. It takes incredible discipline, preparation, task management and delegation to make that schedule work effectively.  When you jump ship and start working full time on your own business you automatically assume that you’re freed up time will lead to greater productivity.  That usually is the case, but for me it took a while.  It took schedule adjustments and equally focusing on a “work life balance” (I live more of a homogeneous model).  Most importantly…focusing on what is most important.

The supporters, the envious and the non-believers

In the minds of many spectators, your entrepreneurial efforts will go from “aww that’s cute” to “what’s this guy got up his sleeve”.  You should be prepared to handle all types of commentary.  Some are going to love what you do and will do anything to support you, others will want to be in the position you’re in and some will think you’re doomed to fail.  You’re mom’s going to want to make sure you can eat from month to month.  Your dad will want to know if you’re making the right career decision.  It’s always of the utmost importance to surround yourself with positive people that believe in your cause but will give you the harsh realities when needed.

Well everybody…here’s to ramen noodle and 14 hours days (I am being a bit dramatic).  Really…here’s to freedom of choice, possibilities and making good things happen.

Check out ConvoSpark.com to see a bit more about what I am doing.

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5 Responses


Makin’ moves, my friend! Rock it.

Loved this post.


Thank you dearly Miss Ash…You always bring a smile to my face!!


Brenton, in one word: awesome. Way to make the leap. The uncertainty and need to make things happen is the mother of invention. It’s a new ballpark but there is a certain level of freedom that only people who have done/doing it understand.

I wish you the best of luck. If I have any two cents, it’s to integrate social media marketing AND mobile marketing. Let’s face it, everyone and their mom is trying to figure out how to make money off social media (this is not meant as a put off, but rather, as a reason to differentiate yourself somehow).

The reason I say mobile marketing is because social media is fueling the mobile world. I mean, mobile web and mobile SMS/MMS, mainly. There are millions of people, for instance, accessing social media on their smartphones. Naturally, Google and Apple are also playing a large role in this. When I’m talking about mobile marketing, I’m talking about all the different things in the mobile arena: foursquare, mobile websites, SMS/MMS text messaging lists, QR codes… etc. I’ve been spending months in this space and I believe that there is a lot of opportunity for social media folk who are willing to take the dive and really own a niche.

Own it. I’ll be following your progress.

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