Having Foolish Friends is a Great Thing!

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Most likely this post will come off as a shameless plug for my good friends’ websites, startups and projects…so be it…they deserve it!

After spending a little time with one of my best friends and checking out his ridiculously hilarious, well written and random website Finding Wood (launches today might I add) something struck me as it sometimes does.  I thought to myself: my friends group of friends are like no other group!  I am proud to say that many of us bypassed the young professional martini sipping lifestyle for the young entrepreneur 12am tea drinking  culture.  I am excited to say that amongst my friends, unordinary has become ordinary.

I have grown through my 20’s along side the best friends a person my age could wish for.  Yes we show each other nothing but support and love  but far beyond that we never allow each other to settle.  Each of us has sacrificed comfort and conventional success for our dreams (or at the very least what makes us happy).  I am proud to have the friends I do and owe much of my current and future achievements to them.

Daniel: My best friend and constant supporter.  This guy has backed me since the  2nd grade.  I’ve never met a person more capable when he puts his finger on what he wants.  I’ll always look up to Gip.

Kyle Rutty: His creativity scares me…literally.  Someday you will see him on SNL, but for now you can find him at FindingWood.com.  He has lived the classic story of  becoming a special government agent only become a coffee shop literary samurai (but I’m sure you have heard that before).

Wafi: Waf is a friend that will never leave your side, even if you want him to.  His knack for business and his ability to get things done impresses the hell out of me.  He always seems to be doing something big…next month is is launching MyCollegeSpot.com.

D Man: Derek taught all my friends that education must be pursued far beyond school.  Even better, real life education comes from investing in yourself and your business.  He is responsible for teaching me about system based businesses.

Killa Cam: Cameron never settles.  He lives life the way it is ought to be lived…whatever way he wants to.  He has built CampusBooze.com up to be the main resource for thousands of college students trying to get drunk for cheap.

Austin- Every group of friends needs their Tim Ferriss.  You know the guy that travels the world while building his startups?  Ya that guy.  He teaches the world how to do it at FullFoundation.com.

Sam- Sam will change the face of preventative health care.  He better, I’ve listened to him talk about it for too long for him not to.

Cath– I have never met a college student with so much drive and vision.  When I was her age I couldn’t see past Thursday nights in Downtown Santa Barbara.  I am so proud to be her boyfriend!

Plus all my other great friends who are foolish like me….JC$, Javi @ StuVu.com, Max….the list goes on.

If I could recommend on thing for young folks right out off college, entrepreneurs or anyone trying to get the most out of life, it would be to surround yourself with abnormal people…they will help you live an abnormal life!

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You’re quite lucky you have so many friends that have the same interests as you. I have one such friend and even he isn’t interested in starting an online business such as I am. Maybe 15 is too young to have a solid foundation of friends but I’m sure I’ll find some during my years of high school and university.

Great blog, btw!


I’m either not foolish or not a friend. Where’s the love for StuVu.com? I’m shamelessly plugging myself…. that sounds dirty


Thanks Matt…if you’re 15 and looking to better yourself and for online opportunities you are far beyond most of your peers. What you will find as an entrepreneur, no matter how many like minded friends you have, much of the time you will be lonely because the rest of the world will not agree with way of thinking. Love your friends for who they are an appreciate their great qualities no matter how different they are from you. If you do that they may start embracing you thinking..

Thanks for the compliment Matt!


Damnit the Hatched Eggs…I probably didn’t want to include StuVu.com because it is far beyond anything I have created!!! You are my friend that is for sure…and you foolish (proof is you 2am Freestyle seshs to DJ Primo).


Thanks for the shout out Brenton! The appreciation is mutual! Keep up the good work!


Wow! Jealous… I want to join your group of friends! They seem awesome, I like that you have friends who not only support your entrepreneurial lifestyle but who live it themselves. That is honestly one of my biggest problems right now in unusual path… I have very few friends who see the world as I do, who have endless passion & ambition and who truly think they can build the kind of life they want- with some hard work & creativity.

I live in Vegas but am itching to get out… its a cultural graveyard here. I have been thinking of San Fran or LA for like minded entrepreneurs and people who are just different. Suggestions? Or suggestions on finding young people my age (24) who are living a counter culture lifestyle?



Hey Maren! Always good to hear from you :)

I got really lucky to be around such amazing friends. What I have found is that like with anything worthwhile…people will pursue it if people lead. I have a great group of people around me that are leaders.

I know I am bias…but since you are an entrepreneurs, blogger, a web personality and a cool person SF is the perfect fit for you. You will find that everyone here is open and collaborative. You would fit in nicely.

Keep doing what you do…keep adding some incredible content with your blog and videos and adding value to other people (like when you comment in my blog)…the right people starts to fall into place (especially if u live in SF)

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Alright, I just want to say thank you for helping me find one of the best blogs (no lie), Findingwood.com is wildly entertaining and hilarious. Great group of friends you got there.


Haha…I couldn’t agree more..Let people know of FindingWood…we’re both gonna be some of the early community readers on it…It’s gonna blow up soon I know it!

[…] for many of us make the decision that were at a point in our lives where we no longer need our foolish friends. Instead we seek out new friends who can present us with “exciting” and more polished […]


This couldn’t be more true. my best friend at college is my got-to whenever I want to actually do something instead of talking about it. In the span of just over a year we have done more and learned more than some people in twice the time.

It is clutch to have people around you who are passionate, willing to take chances and actually DO something. This is a great post and I’m glad to have found your blog.

I am testing and developing few ideas for start ups and am negotiating a freelance position to develop and maintain an e-commerce site and a social media presence for an apparel company. I’m really familiar with e-commerce and social media strategies but this is the first time I will be doing it for someone. Your material is helpful in finding my way. Thanks for posting.


Thanks a ton of the comment Matt. It’s always great when you sync up with someone that can empower you and propel you forward. Keep on keeping each other accountable.

Really happy that you find value in my posts. I will try to write more in the future!

Keep on creating!


By the way Brenton… Stuvu shut down (a few years back)

You’re welcome to check RateMyCollege for years worth of student reviews, an independent startup, if you’re interested, thanks :)


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