Startup Launches — World Change Movements — Crazy Book Campaigns…with visions of Machu Picchu

When you title blog post like this, you run the risk of being construed as a pretentious self-important braggart.  At this point…so what!!…I’m tired, excited and eager to share!

Over the past two months I (in collaboration with many incredible people) have:

  1. Released the first version of JoynIn in the Bay Area for private testing (much more to come over soon)
  2. Worked to build the Be Social Change movement (much much more to come very soon)
  3. Helped launch a incredibly powerful and empowering book campaign with Jake Sasseville and team.
  4. Went all out home workout style!
  5. And woke up an hour earlier than normal (on most days)…eekkk

All being done in rapid sprint mode as a  trip to South America has been hovering in the background like the pleasant but often noticeable chirping of  an early morning bird.  My girlfriend Catherine and I have been planning this trip for months and TODAY will be strapping on our oversized travel backpacks and be catching a plane to Brazil!

The intensity of these past months coupled with the visions of Machu Picchu has tested me on many levels from: commitment to my work, relationships, mental dexterity, leadership, confidence in my abilities and flat our ability to execute.  In the face of all the chaos I have surprised myself in maintained a calm core (although it may have not always shown out the outside).  No pats on the back for that…instead a simple take away realization that I will make sure to keep with me as we go on our month long excursion and step back into work when I get back:

Your Life is Your Life

Nothing in your life is not your life.  You cannot say that work is work…or that a vacation is vacation … everything in life encompasses YOUR LIFE.

What is the significance in this obvious and almost intellectually insulating truism?  The significance is that when we act and live as if every moment, regardless of what we’re doing, is part of our life…we make sure to LIVE it.  You don’t wait for life to start happening or for you to finish something.  You just live…you are present.

Despite the challenges that arose over the past two months I can honestly say that this was very much an incredibly fulfilling chapter in my life.  I was present as I pressed forward with self imposed deadlines, Skype meetings, and challenging situations.  I never really said…”why can’t I be in South America already” (ok…maybe a few times).

I will be there soon enough…and I will make sure I smell the roses :)

So….in the past two months…

  • I sprinted
  • We hit major milestones
  • and now Cath and I are off to South America…

See you in September!!

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