What everyday habit do you wish you had developed earlier in life?

Habits make or break a person.

A Quora user posted the question: What Everyday Habit so you Wish you had Developed Earlier in Life? I reflected on some of the habits I have acquired over the past 4-6 years and posted an answer to the question.  You can check it out below:

Looking at people as an opportunity to learn and give, rather than to fear and take advantage of: With ego being such a pervasive entity of our human existence, it’s easy to see why most people fear, envy and take advantage of others. The best way to combat these ego induced tendencies try forgetting about yourself and thinking of others first. This doesn’t mean don’t take baths or pay your mortgage…it means listen, learn and see where the commonalities are. Once you have a paradigm shift in the people department life gets that much more enjoyable for you and the people you’re around.

Reading the right stuff: It’s worth listing a 100 more times…however, we need to be more specific cause there’s alot of crap out there. Read Emerson, William James, Seth Godin, Napoleon Hill, Earhart Tolle and other authentic authors. Read stuff that will help you dive deeper into yourself…and add practical value to your life–like build a successful startup or life location independent. Limit your consumption of the news.

Putting contribution first and expanding awareness: Looks beyond status…yes you can become a lawyer, doctor and I’m sure make a difference…but because of the status layered over the professions much of their work can be convoluted.

Put adding value first…change the world…we need you. Start by putting contribution first. Sometimes all it takes a smile…to see the impact you make on someone to shift paradigms. Looks at what’s wrong with the world and transform that piece. Never loose site of what’s right with the world.

Make a difference in someone’s life each day…and dedicate your life to making a lasting positive impact.

Don’t listen to your parents (in some cases): I love my parents…and they’re right alot of the time. But your heart is more right…go with your gut, your dreams and follow what excites you.


What are some good habits that you have formed that have gotten you where you are today?

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