What 99% of the 99% Does Not Understand About #Occupy

For those of you that are part of the movement, that hate the movement and even those that are apathetic…I encourage you to read this post.  This post is my humble attempt to bridge the gap between factions of the 99% that seems to be polarized based on social and political affiliation.  You should know that I am a firm supporter of  the purpose and message of the Occupy Movement, however I am not an active participant in the protests (as you can see in a previous post).  With that being states…here we go…

All discussions now involving social issues naturally gravitate towards the Occupy Movement.   So when a dinner conversation started to drift in the direction of social change…Occupy came up…again.

This time the discussion was less about the movement itself, but more about the disdain many people have for the movement and its participants.  From Facebook friends giving the “smelly hippy” jab, to Newt Gingrich saying “Go get a job after you take a bath” …there seems be some strong polarization forming between factions within the 99% (Newt Gingrich is not part of the 99).

For some, this noise is to be expected…for me…I can’t stand to hear it! It comes down to a fundamental lack of understanding…in some cases unwillingness to understand.  I am not trying to debate which stance is right or wrong…nor am I saying I am more informed then the rest (that would be completely untrue)…instead I want to help the people that are protesting the protest see that they too should be in support of such a movement…because it affects all of us!

The more momentum the movement gains, the more spinning the press does, the more the masses have an opinion.  We have been seeing the protesting, the camps, the unjust violence and now just about all of us have an opinion.

I understand the format in which this message is being proliferated can cause people to shake their heads and easily dismiss the message.  However, you need to consider a few very important points before you do so.  Read below..do not be impulsive and base your position on Occupy on your person life circumstance, political affiliation (this is a non-partisan movement), or media persuasion.

Here’s what 99% of the 99% does not understand about the Occupy Movement:

You are part of the 99% even if you have a job.

The vast majority of the middle class are slaves to wages (including myself).  The time we spend at our jobs is directly correlated with the money we earn and therefore are in servitude to money.  In some cases our wages does not match our cost of living and therefore we incur debt.  When you add interest into the mix matters get worse and wage slavery is perpetuated and proliferated even further.

Many people are unaware or in denial of this form of slavery…but it exists in this fiat money monetary system…and most likely it affects you.

Supply and demand of the job market is not in equilibrium

Get a job and take a shower?  Hmmm…

According to BusinessWeek over 200 million people worldwide are currently out of work. 2010 college graduates only reached a 50% employment rate a whole year after graduating.  Unemployment isn’t just staggering…it’s screaming to us that something is wrong.

We live life in America under the assumption that certain credentials and hard nosed perseverance guarantees us success.  So we look at homeless people like…”get a job”.  We now know this is not the case…that nothing is a guarantee and that even the most diligent people cannot find jobs or jobs good enough to match their credentials or lifestyle.

Many people of the Occupy movement have jobs…others believe that creating social change is their job.  The expression should be respected.

Millions of people are dying, staring and are homeless due to this inequity

It is true…the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Even more grave…the poorer die, starve and kill on the basis of survival.

We are busy people, and live lives full of distractions therefore it’s sometimes difficult to notice.  But it’s true that for most of humanity, our very survival is dependent on the money we earn.  Under a more equitable system would industries like war (defense), sex, and organized crime even exists?

This movement is bigger than any one person’s life situation, judgement or  political persuasion.  This is a movement to help move humanity further whether you agree with the format of the movement or not.

Protesting, camping out, yelling…screaming for change may not be the way you would do it.  The people affiliated with the movement may not be the people you would get a drink with.  Once again…the format may be of nuisance to you but I believe it’s our responsibility to dive deeper into causes of this magnitude.  When it comes to Occupy, we must dive in deeper, because whether or not you believe so…this issue affects you!

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