25 Reasons to Love Social Media

love social media

  1. It doesn’t take a Harvard MBA to figure it out.
  2. New era of authentic celebrities (Biz Stone, Kina Granis, Gary Vaynerchuk)
  3. With enough creativity and ingenuity a startup with no resources can out play a large company.
  4. Consumers have the power!
  5. The world is flat.
  6. Social media gurus…watch this video
  7. Finding you boyfriend/ girlfriend on Facebook.
  8. Collaboration fuels success.
  9. The phrase “what have you been up to?” is now irrelevant when you run into someone you know…thanks to Facebook.
  10. Formerly unimaginable revenue streams.
  11. The mobile lifestyle revolution!
  12. Transparency-Fakers are exposed and the authentic rise to the top.
  13. Your heroes are more accessible to you.
  14. Openness…
  15. @Tweet one minute, coffee shop the next.
  16. Live Feeds.
  17. Chris Brogan.
  18. Being a broke entrepreneur is cool.
  19. Neo-journalism….the rise of the novice yet profound blogger.
  20. The right brain has been reactivated!
  21. Screens are getting smaller…sorry TV.
  22. Digital stalking (you know who you are).
  23. ROI is more theoretical and less tangible.
  24. Human powered search.
  25. Community is back!

What are some reasons you love social media?  Comment and crowd source this list!

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This post was mentioned on Twitter by BrentonGieser: What are Some Reasons You Love Social Media? http://su.pr/3YqpIU


Well done Brenton, this is a fine list you’ve compiled. I never would have been able to communicate with celebrities, professional athletes, and billionaires without social media.

#26 – Real time and unbiased news
#27 – Distractions other then rechecking your e-mail a million times


No, it just takes a Harvard undergrad to create…


Maybe I should have put Princeton or something.


Hi Brenton,

How does any of this contribute to actually making money? I mean it’s great that I can tweet @ Shaq but it’s still not a real relationship. You can follow me on Twitter but it doesn’t mean I am going to give you any of my time or money, even if you tweet at me, send me compliments, etc. I just feel like there is all this talk about how great social media is and how important it is to have a Twitter account at the expense of what really matters, which is selling a product.

Do you have any specific, verifiable examples of the list you propose above? Specifically number 10? Maybe I am missing something?


Hey Anthony,

Thanks for shooting off the always important question of ROI and $ signs. You may not like this answer but the ROI and money involved all depends on who you are. For individuals like ourselves social media channels can act as a very strong funnel to your products and services. Just like search another other methods on the web, social can help direct even more targeted people to your product or service while possibly having viral sharing implication and setting the foundation of your success on what matters (the people/ customers). If these people trust you they will begin to see direct and sustainable results for your efforts (there are analytics that can track this as well).

As for brands and larger organization. Social media works the same was but at a higher and faster rate. Look at brands like Dell that sells million of $ of products through Twitter, big name artists that can link sales directly from their Twitter, Myspace or FB…these examples are growing rapidly.

Here are some direct examples of #10
-sponsoredtweets.com: Brands pay you to tweet.
-social media based affiliate programs
-high volume digital product distribution
-Virtual currency.
-App sales model.
-Social offers

and the list goes on

Hope that helps


Dude you have like 1,000 Twitter followers and this makes you a social media expert? What are your qualifications exactly? How are you any different from any of the other “social media gen y rockstar/gurus/ninjas” out there? Yeah no shit brands like Dell sell via Twitter, it’s Dell. A giant company. A company founded pre-Twitter selling *gasp* an actual, you know, product, that is logically going to have tons of Twitter followers much like every other big brand.


Woah…Terry it’s all good my friend…no reason for the ego blows and credential questioning. I am very secure with my Twitter following and never said/ don’t believe I am a social media guru (don’t like the word rock star much either). Knowing that I hope that you will rest easy and take this post as just a fun and semi sarcastic list.

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