The Genius of “Manly”..Old Spice Video Brilliance


I’m guessing the camaraderie of rugged sophistication that Chuck Norris and The Most interesting Man in the World share got a bit stale.   They need to add a third counterpart to firm up a mantastic trio….thus…we have the Old Spice Man.

The “Old Spice Man”…the wildly tallented and a bit obscure Isaiah Mustafa hit us with a new Old Spice commercial where he is effortlessly landing on top of the most manly moving objects all will speaking at 200 words a minuet (making perfect sense).  Needless to say this commercial is ridiculously funny and going to extend the Old Spice Man Meme beyond a one hit wonder.

But to launch this meme into iconic status and to earn its seat in the Chuck Norris, Most Interesting Man round tabel…it took one of the most incredibly creative and bold social media campaign a large brand has executed!

A team of tech geeks, writers, social media folk, media mavens, film makers and Isaiah Mustafa committed to an organic video response campaign that would be written, acted and produced in real time (brilliant!).  The goal was to allow the Old Spice Man to spread his infection charm and wisdom across the web, responding to real life people’s responses to Old Spice videos.  Web developers created a program that fed all related video comments throughout the social web to their team and categorized those responses by user influence, time and the quality of content.  Then the writing began…the social media folk and the writers began creating ridiculously awesome content.  Like this…


After the writing, the magician himself sprinkles his Old Spice goodness across the set…and a You Tube video was created!  This was done over 80 times in one day!  Short 20-60 second videos directed at one person who engaged Old Spice on the social web in some way.  From online icons like Kevin Rose and Perez Hilton to people like… anonymous.  They touched all different levels of influence, demographics and types of sediment…all while exuding that unique Old Spice grandeur.

Why Old Spice’s Video Campaign is the Most Genius Ever!

1. They involve everyone!

From the big timers to normal folk, the Old Spice Man does not discriminate.

Everyday internet users who have at most 17 Twitter followers were able to comment on an Old Spice You Tube video, their Facebook Page and other social profiles they have on the web and get a personalized response from the man himself.  The genius behind this is, one, it took a big brand down to a real personal level, taking an icon you see on TV and having them interact with everyday people can only be a favorable PR move.  Two, it made everyone think…”Hey, I should comment on this video…maybe he’ll talk to me”.  This notion allowed these videos to spread through the social web like wildfire.  Can you imagine how many @ tweets the Old Spice handle received yesterday?

By creating personalized messages for some of the authorities on the web Old Spice proved two things.  One, they understand who the influencers are, which gives them credibility among other influences (possibly with large networks to share cool stuff with).  Two, they won the hearts of those influencers by giving them attention beyond a typical praise email they read everyday…making it highly likely for the influencers to spread their message across their large network.

2. Long terms brand building

Remember when everyone spoke with that Ron Burgundy intonation and eyebrow raise (maybe it’s just me)?  Well, I have a feeling the Old Spice man has now became the new age Ron Burgundy.  Beyond the credibility the brand has gained in the media world for trying something extremely creative and at the same time risky, they have built the foundation for a long term branded figure. I have a feeling that Kyle Rutty will be digging deep in his diaphragm to produce the manliness of sounds and witticism for a long time.

3. Pure Humor

Not to be overlooked, these videos were some of the funniest internet content ever to grace the cloud.  From large silver fish, to the very appropriate eye brow raise, every single video hit the mark.  The writers of these skits should win a Webby and Isaiah Mustafa deserves to be forever released from his “struggling actor” tag.  I still cannot stop laughing…

From one gentleman to another, I solute you Old Spice…while wearing a gentleman like top hat.  Well done!!

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