Social Media Gets Real in 2010

This Time ROI is for Real

2010 is here and with a new year comes new expectations, especially when it comes to social media.  Anyone who has been immersed in social media for the past few years have witnessed social media’s transformation from a richer form of harmless online chatter to one of the most powerful marketing channels today!  Marketers are seeing the masses spend less time on traditional media and more time playing Farmville on Facebook (I’m referring to the black sheep on your Newsfeed  phenomenon).  So if 2009 was there year where social media social media got some double takes from the the usual critics than 2010 is the year social media reels in that critic and seals the deal (whatever that means to you).

Here are some of the emerging trends in 2010 (according to the top influencers in the space…and myself :) )

Top Trends For Individuals

  • Mobile is everything and everything will be mobile.
  • Social media will be integrated more and more within more traditional media outlets –> video game systems, TV??, etc.
  • There will be more exclusive communities popping up separating the authentic from the fakers.
  • High adoption of Augmented Reality services.
  • You will be more exposed than ever before.

Top Trends for Businesses

  • The most apprehensive and most traditional companies will start dipping their toes in the water (cause everyone else will have already dove in).
  • Each business will begin to set metrics for measuring ROI instead of measuring obscure levels of engagement.
  • Companies will begin enforce social  media policies (like the NBA).
  • Small business will begin to emerge in the space (via apps like FourSquare).
  • Media agencies will begin to expand their offering or partner-up with others who got the skill set they need.

New Technology to Expect

  • More location based services.
  • More exclusive social networks.
  • More focus on branded mobile apps.
  • Facebook currency?
  • New micro-blogging interfaces. 

Don’t just take my word for it…check out what the experts have to say!

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