Hey there everyone!

My name is Brenton Gieser and I am the mind, soul and fingers behind BrentonGieser.com.

The last five years of my life has been dedicated to bringing unique value to the world through starting and running companies.  I have faced failures and have celebrated successes, however the greatest success I have achieved over these five years has been developing my knowledge, skills and values to a level where I can truly add value to the world as a social entrepreneur.

To know me, is to know my mission in life.  It’s audacious, Utopian, and some have even called it naive.  For me, it’s my purpose and life’s work.  Here it is:

Help create a world that works for all people


My Journey and Work

Started my entrepreneurial journey during the “social media gold rush” where I…

  • Co-founded and ran ConvoSpark a social media development agency
  • Implemented social media campaign strategies for brands like: Taco Bell, Sony PlayStation, Universal Studios and others
  • Design both Facebook and mobile apps for billion dollar companies

From there, I developed passion for community.  More specifically the community of young innovators.  This spark led me to… 

Soon after I took the full plunge into the tech startup space where I…

  • Co-founded JoynIn, a startup set out to revolutionize how local businesses and their employees engage their customers

With a growing love for people and an expanded awareness of some of the major social issues that obstruct positive global growth, I decided to…

  • Create an innovative educational program called Books Outside the Box where we paired high school students with entrepreneurial books and mentors that helped expand their world of possibilities
  • Build Be Social Change, a community organization that empowers, connects and organizes the new world of social change
  • Work with Change.org to help grow our impact to tranformative levels

About This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to serve change-makers, social entrepreneurs, creators and other  living life with heightened curiosity with valuable insights that can be pulled from narratives, meandering thoughts, and my reflections on prior experiences.

Colliding at the intersection of social change, business, and leadership, there are infinite topics to explore and possibilities to create.

Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do!

Be the change,



About Me

Brenton here...I am a social entrepreneur that forgot about success a while back, and am now focused on maximizing impact. I am the Co-Founder Be Social Change and the Director of Channel Partners at Change.org. Join me in my mission to help create a world that works for everyone!